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Jesus said, I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full. John 10:10

God called Idyllwild Bible Church into existence to bring glory to Himself. That is our purpose. If someone were to ask “How does IBC do that?” we would answer, “By means of a simple disciple-making process that enables every Jesus-follower to grow ever deeper into that “full life” relationship that Jesus speaks of.” By concentrating our efforts in the following four ways, we believe we can help God ‘s people tangibly glorify Him and practically experience John 10:10.

Loving God Together

While we as God’s people can worship Him in rich and meaningful ways anytime and anywhere, there is something special and unique that takes place when we come together to worship Him collectively. We place great value on our shared worship times together.

Investing in Each other

Anyone who desires more from their spiritual life must have a growing relationship with God. That is why we encourage everyone to spend time daily in God’s Word. But we also encourage everyone to find their own place in a LIFE small group where we focus on knowing Jesus Christ better and better as we study the Bible together.

Finding a Place to Serve

God says we’re to love people. IBC is a community of Christians with many God given gifts, talents, and abilities. God is glorified and His love is made real when we use these gifts for the good of others not only within but also outside of our fellowship.

Enlarging God’s Kingdom

The Bible says God loves all peoples of the world. We want to bring that message of love through LIFE in Christ not only to our mountain community, but to anywhere else in the world where God leads us.

As we do LIFE together as expressed above, we realize God’s purpose for us in this very special place He has made called Idyllwild Bible Church. Come do LIFE with us!